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The North American Indian needs have been a concern of The King's Daughters and Sons since 1934 when living conditions were in great need of improvement and treaty rights needed protection.

After World War II, the needs of the youth in the Indian community to receive post-secondary education became an opportunity for the IOKDS to lend a hand.

Currently we assist 10 missions and schools, which includes over 100 tribes.  For more information, click here.


SCHOLARSHIPS: The IOKDS offers $500 to $700 scholarships to North American Indians. There is no restriction as to tribal affiliation or Indian blood quantity. However, the student must provide a tribal registration number and fulfill other requirements. The scholarships are given for technical, vocational or college studies, but not granted for schooling beyond a bachelor's degree.

A student must personally request information concerning requirements and application forms. The request must be submitted through postal mail and include a stamped, self-addressed, legal-sized envelope for the director's reply.  The deadline for application requests is March 1st.  Requests must be sent to:

North American Indian Department Director
P. O. Box 1040
Chautauqua, NY, 14722-1040

Requirements for an NAI Scholarship can be viewed here:  North American Indian Scholarships.

The scholarship is not downloadable.


Letter from a North American Indian Scholarship Student:

Brenda LopezDear International Order of the Kings Daughters and Sons:

As a young girl, I never imagined graduating from high school let alone a University. There were many obstacles in my path that should have routed me in a different direction, other than where I am today. (When) I walked across a platform to accept my B.A. in Psychology at Arizona State University West, I was representing the Walker River Tribe. It seemed only yesterday I was feverishly studying for exams and writing papers. Moreover, oh yes, the stress was heavy.

There are yet many goals to pursue at this time in my life. I was accepted at Argosy University in Phoenix, which is a well-structured University for Psychologists. Here I will earn my Masters' and Psy. D in Psychology. I hope to one day teach Psychology. My main goal is to work for the Indian Health Service Counseling Native American Children on Reservations. The children are our future. We need to invest in them before the world imprints the wrong ideas into their belief system.

At this time, I would like to thank The International Order for their continued scholarship each semester. The scholarship was crucial for me as a student, due to the rapid increase of tuition along with living expenses, which were tremendous. I was grateful for the scholarship, because it substantially influenced how far I could go each semester. It has always been my belief that those who want an education should strive to obtain that goal. It is not easy, but no one ever said it would be.

I wanted to take this time to send you my appreciation for your generosity and support. I knew the International Order was doing their best possible for the native students. Life is a mysterious maze filled with twist and turns, cross roads, and many dead ends. We must try to enjoy the journey at every point. Even the disasters we encounter must eventually serve some purpose, if nothing more than to give us a deeper appreciation for our triumphs.

Again, I am very thankful for your contribution in my future, and the future of the Native American People(s).

Brenda Lopez

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