Membership: Joining IOKDS

If you would like to BECOME A MEMBER or organize a Circle and assist in these or other projects, please contact our 2nd Vice-President for Membership, Barbara Boulware, at barbara.boulware@gmail.com, and/or fill out the New Membership Form (click here) and send to:

The King's Daughters and Sons
P.O. Box 1017
Chautauqua, NY 14722

Email: iokds5@windstream.net

International dues are only $25.00 annually for those over 17, and $2 for those under age 18.

The office staff will happily put you in touch with a member in your area. See a map showing KDS Circles in the US and Canada here.

Continuing members who are not involved in Circles or Branches are asked to complete the Member-at-Large Form (click here), and send to the address above.

The benefits? You did not allow me enough words to say! Serving the Lord, under His guidance, improves one's self-esteem. The main thing I have been blessed with after joining the Order is long lasting and loving friendships. Friendship and memories - gifts from God.
Debbie, PA

"I never realized how joining (The KDS) would impact my life and give me new opportunities to serve Jesus Christ"
Martha, MS

From Virginia, a member wrote: "This is a wonderful Christian organization in a world where Christ is often ignored. The members reach out to the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised, the sick, and those needing to be rescued."


A Christian Service Organization

Throughout the world, thousands of men and women are enjoying their membership in The King's Daughters and Sons.

Albert of Ontario states that the Order gives him "the opportunity to work with like-minded Christian men and women. I enjoy the chance to share Christian ideas."

Charmian, an active member of a Circle in Missouri, wrote, "When I was new in my town, a neighbor told me of The King's Daughters and Sons. Through my activities, I have learned a lot, increased my faith, and made new friends."

A member from Mississippi expressed her joy at being a King's Daughter. She said, "Through service I have been able to contribute self not just money."

These are just a few statements from the young people and adults who have found fulfillment through their work with the International Order of The King's Daughters and Sons. Won't YOU join us?

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See map with KDS Circles in the US and Canada here.




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