August 23 - 28, 2014



Long walks…Sunshine…Concerts…Worship…

It's all part of New Horizons at Chautauqua. Wouldn't you just love to be a part of it all? There's a place on the list for you! Living in the beautiful KDS houses, the New Horizons Class of 2014 will enjoy the fellowship of members from other Branches. Classes and worship will be held daily at the Vanderbeck Chapel. Through sunshine and rain, we will study, share and brainstorm so as to become better informed members. We'll hone up on our leadership skills and develop ways to attract new members.






Inspiration…Forward thinking… Creative motivation…

Looking toward the future, we will create ways to attract new members, form new circles, and motivate members at home to join in our attempts to grow and multiply.

COME AND BRING A POTENTIAL MEMBER! We will do our best to inspire them and at the end of the session, we will hold an Admissions Service and joyfully pin our new members!

Meet other members who will become life-long friends. Learn things about KDS that you never knew. Absorb the amazing spirit of Chautauqua. We'll greet you on the porch and give you an experience to remember!


It's all waiting for you!

Circle these dates on your calendar NOW…August 23 - 28, 2014. Then fill out an application and send it to Lee Anne Bruner at 1750 S. Taft Avenue, Evansville, IN 47714.

If you have any questions, please contact Lee Anne Bruner at 812-491-6080, labruner@wowway.com or Jan Laude at 724-465-2208, janlaude@comcast.net. (Remember, if you have previously attended New Horizons or if you are an LMCC, you do not qualify.)

Application forms may be downloaded here and requisite medical forms may be obtained here. Paper copies are available from Branch Presidents.




For years, my good friends Dott Cannon and Shirley Estes had asked me to join the Willing Hearts Circle of The King's Daughters and Sons, and for years I put them off.

There came a day though, that I felt that pull to become a part of what these women were so involved in. At the time I had no idea of the scope of the International Order. In fact, I did not know that there was a larger organization behind the Circle. What began as the simple need to be involved locally has become the opportunity to do my part Internationally.

At New Horizons in Chautauqua about two years after I became a Circle member, I learned of so many opportunities to serve. Not just in my hometown, but throughout the world. New Horizons opened my eyes to the wide, wide scope of service provided by all of our Circles, Branches and the Order itself. Nowhere can one person touch the lives of so many people as he or she can as a member of the International Order of The King's Daughters and Sons.

Through my Circle, my Branch, and my Order, I can truly touch the world for good In His Name. For that I am thankful.

Sue, MS


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