"I help at my church, called El Camino (The Way/Path). There I work with the children and youth, and on Sundays I lead worship. In the future, I want to be a missionary, and I am excited because my heart wants to serve God for all of my life."

Marlon graduated in December 2012 from IBYM (Bible and Ministries Institute) in Peru, but his life had a very rough beginning.

Marlon's early years:

Reported by Mike Fietje, Field Director
Kids Alive International
Lima Children's Home, Peru

His guitar strumming fills the rooms of the Lima Children's Home. Marlon loves music, and he's hoping to take lessons to improve. Ever since he came to the Home in 1999, his thoughts turn to a lot of hopes like that.

Before that, however, Marlon couldn't have dreamed of hope. When his father abandoned the family, his mother began living with a boyfriend who treated her children badly. She had a child with this boyfriend, but was later forced to live on the streets when the man kicked her out. Tragically, she contracted AIDS from him, too.

Ever since Marlon and his younger sister came to live in the Home, he is a good student and puts great effort into his schoolwork. He is a leader in the youth group at church. Marlon's mother died recently. But with a difficult chapter behind him, he can keep stepping into a brighter future.

Rescue Impact:

Marlon gets along well with others but still struggles with loneliness. At the Lima Children's Home, he can continue learning to accept the embrace of his new Kids Alive "family."


Fall 2012

Dear Mr. Tom Houghton,

"It is a joy to be able to tell you about the blessings that God has given me recently."

In addition to finding a home with Kid's Alive in Lima, and graduating from IBYM in December 2012, Marlon writes:

"...I also want to tell you that I now have a fiancée. Her name is Luz del Mar and we are praying that God will provide all that we need. We are planning a wedding for the month of Dec ember (December 29th). After I graduate, together with my wife, we want to work full time with the BCM Mission (Bible Centered Ministries); we want to work in the jungle, and then later, in an another country."

"I want to serve God and I am thankful to Him; He has blessed me so much and I know that He will never stop blessing me."

"Thank you for your financial help and your prayers. Maybe God bless you greatly."

With love,

Marlon Gonzales Meza
Kids Alive Peru


And how can they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? Romans 10:14b,15a

Hello my dear friend. My name is Marlon Gonzales Meza, born in the city of Huaral. It is the desire of my heart to be able to share with you a little about how I came to know the incomparable love of Jesus, and of the special calling to serve Him full-time as a missionary.

At the age of eight, God allowed me to arrive at the Kids Alive children´s home, where I had the opportunity to start a new life, being raised in a new way. Additionally, it was there that I heard the gospel of salvation and understood that Jesus had a marvelous plan for my life. That He loved me so much that He gave his life to rescue mine, and that only He could forgive all of my sins. That day I accepted Jesus as my Savior, and it was amazing.

A few years ago, I felt the call to prepare myself for the work to become a missionary, so I began to study in a Biblical institute in the city of Lima called IBYM (Instituto Biblico y Ministerial/Bible and Ministry Institute). There I met a beautiful woman named Luz del Mar, and she is now my wife.

it is our desire to be able to serve God full-time with Bible Centered Ministries (BCM). This mission organization has the vision to reach Peruvian children with the message of salvation, because we recognize the existing need for all children to hear the gospel.

For Jesus said: Let the little children come to me, do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Now I am in an important stage of ministry, with the task to increase my economic support, to allow others to share in and be involved with the beautiful blessing of carrying the message of salvation to many. Together we can make known the name of our God to more children. Through this letter I want to invite you to be part of this beautiful work as a member of my support team in two different ways:

1.-Praying: Praying for our lives and ministries.

2.-Giving: Supporting us financially as missionaries.

Dear friend, if all men are to praise God, first the gospel must reach all men. What are we doing for this to happen?

Join us in this beautiful work of carrying the message of salvation to children!!

Waiting your reply I say goodbye...Blessings!

E-mail: marlonyluzgonzales@gmail.com

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