Welcome to the International Order of The King's Daughters and Sons.
Let me tell you a little bit about our organization.

Our eleven second elevator speech describes us as "an international, interdenominational Christian service organization, dedicated to caring for all God's children." Now, that's quite a statement. What does it actually mean?

1. We are international -- because we have established branches and circles in twenty-eight states in the U.S. and three provinces in Canada, many over 100 years old. We also have isolated circles in many countries around the world, founded by missionaries and some of our students from other countries.

2. We are interdenominational -- because we do not espouse any one particular Christian tradition, but embrace them all and serve side by side.

3. We are a service organization -- and we do care for all God's children from neonatal to entrance into heaven -- any race, any culture or gender. Our branches own and support children's hospitals, literacy programs for newborns, day-care centers, summer camps, junior circles, scholarship programs for adults (which I shall describe in detail in the next paragraph), retirement complexes with both apartments and condos, assisted living, full time and hospice care, many with incredible rehabilitation facilities.

4. Our scholarships are distributed mostly at the International level, but some branches have scholarship programs of their own. We support college students for a four-week stay at the Chautauqua Institution, where our headquarters is located. Students, who are members of registered native American tribes, may receive assistance with undergraduate studies at the universities which they attend.

Students, pursuing careers in the health field, both graduate and undergraduate courses, receive grants. Graduate level seminary students, studying specifically to become pastoral ministers, have been given financial assistance to complete their goals. Lastly, we have students who are studying in their own countries around the world who have been helped, in places such as Kenya and the Dominican Republic, just to name a couple.

5. We invite two other groups to come and enjoy our properties at Chautauqua. Pastors of members can participate in Clergy Week each summer, a program for their own spiritual refreshment. Also, members may come for our New Horizons Program, which is a training program, to learn how to become better leaders at any level of service.

6. We also invite individual members to come to Chautauqua for their own spiritual refreshment, during the last five weeks of the Institution's summer season.

7. For our members' own mental health, our objects are the development of spiritual life and the stimulation of Christian activities. We serve "In His Name," in the name of our Lord and King. That is why "the" in our Order's name is always capitalized.

We have completed 127 years of Christian service, having been founded in New York City in 1886 by the wife of a Methodist minister, Margaret MacDonald Bottome. She gathered nine of her friends together to form a secret sisterhood, that rapidly spread all over the continent. We are the benefits of her vision and we are grateful!

In His Name,

Joyce S. Cote
24th International President

860/568-1907, Orderpresident24@comcast.net


Pictured below are the current and newly past members of the Executive Committee, Historian, Parliamentarian and Committee Chairmen

Carole Babel, First Vice-President
573/442-0245, babelcj@aol.com

Barbara Boulware, Second Vice-President
Membership Extension Committee Chairman
817/558-7069, bebe.boulware@charter.net

Christine Dawson, Third Vice-President
Communications Coordinator
613/821-5113, john_christinedawson@rogers.com

Ellen Williamson, Secretary
601/833-6466, ron.ellen.w@gmail.com

Sue Minter, Treasurer
601/833-0522, jamesminter@cableone.net

Vince Ciarlo, Editor, The Silver Cross
416/763-3783, vciarlo@idirect.com

Thomas Houghton, Director, Around the World Department
502/618-3636, coltom38@juno.com

Valerie Roberts, Director, Chautauqua Scholarship Department
304/295-8423, valerie_roberts_1@hotmail.com

Lori Jackson, Director, Health Careers Scholarship Department

Beverly Duffer, Director, Junior Department
317/485-4935, littlehouse07@comcast.net

Sandra Harvey, Director, North American Indian Department

Betty Myers, Director, Spiritual Life
816/358-5223, pianobjm@aol.com

Beth Fanta, Director, Student Ministry Department

Committee Appointments

Nan Pointer, LMCC, Historian
804/693-2317, nrpointer52@gmail.com

Mary D. Short, LMCC, Parliamentarian
830/714-7317, wshort1328@aol.com

Lisa Waits, Chautauqua Program Coordinator
817/389-2828, worldteach@windstream.net

By-Laws Committee
Phoebe McLelland, LMCC, Chair
613/733-5721, pmclelland@sympatico.ca

Chautauqua Building Committee
Meredith Houghton, LMCC, Chair
502/618-3636, colhoughton59@juno.com

Editorial Committee
Vince Ciarlo, Editor, Chair, see above for information

Headquarters Committee
Walt Laude, LMCC, Chair
724/465-2208, wlaude@comcast.net

Long Range Development & Planning
Agnes Stone, LMCC, Chair

New Horizons Committee
Lee Anne Bruner, LMCC, Chair
812/491-6080, labruner@wowway.com

Janet Laude, LMCC, Vice-Chair

Special Projects Committee
Sue Buck, LMCC, Chair
614/203-0556, sbuckoh@aol.com

Nominating Committee
Dott Cannon, LMCC, Chair

601/833-5418, dottcan@cableone.net

Branch President Representative
Marcele Roahrig, OH
614/777-8649, mroahrig@columbus.rr.com

Life Member of Central Council Representative
Sue Malone, TN
931/388-5700, jshmalone@charter.net

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A Christian Service Organization

Some of my childhood memories revolve around attending my mother's Circle meetings... In 1960 I was fortunate to be a Chautauqua Scholarship student. This experience contributed to my devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ and dedication to The King's Daughters and Sons. Chautauqua is a wonderful place... it is an honour to have had our son and daughter and step-grand-daughter be Chautauqua Scholarship students as well. For all of them, it has made a positive difference in their lives. I am extremely thankful to be a lifetime member of the Order and I thank God I have been given this gift.
Phoebe, ON


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